Patricia Bulitt

Interdisciplinary Artist 
Teaching Artist
 From:    EGRETFULLY, IX, 2013
 Audubon Canyon Ranch, Stinson Beach, California
Egretfully began in 2008 with Egretfully I, at Audubon Canyon Ranch.  Invited  to Kyoto, and Tswuano, Japan, and Bethel, Alaska, in 2010, each year this dance is numbered with its new variation.   Annually, the Audubon Canyon Ranch presents
Egretfully on the lawn, as returning birds nest in Redwood Trees above the dancer.

 Patricia Bulitt's first Egret dance toured throughout Alaska in 1977 and 1978 along with handwritten text and photographs by Gary Sinick in The Journal of the Dance, an exhibition communicating her artistic process with making the dance.
Studying the movements of the Egret, meeting with ranch naturalists, her dance is a combination of set choreography and improvisational movement informed by the grace of this long legged water-bird of California.

Costume design by Patricia Bulitt with Mario Alonzo, 2010.
Costume construction:  Mario Alonzo, 2010.
Headpiece construction:  Marcy Frank, Milliner, 2010.
Headpiece design is collaboration with the dancer. 

Mother of Mukluk Seal Mask Dance
A Storytelling Dance
Mother of Mukluk Seal Mask Dance, a non-traditional storytelling dance expresses the gift exchange between the hunter and hunted. The dance is inspired by Alaskan Yupik Eskimo culture.

A stationary dance, the performer's breath is the music, heard through the chamber of the mask in performance.

Story and gestures by Patricia Bulitt, 1979-1980
Mask constructed by Francessca Borgotta, 1979

Vocalizing the story, donning a seal gut parka constructed especially
for this dance by Neva Rivers of Hooper Bay, Alaska in 1983, the sound of the dried "gut" adds to the sonic atmosphere of this performance work.

Before ever seeing any traditional masked dance in Alaska, or learning any traditional dance, Patricia brought this mask to villages throughout Alaska, hoping to reintroduce masked dances once vibrant in the ceremonial life.

As the first non native-dancer many residents had ever seen, and before television in village life, Patricia toured throughout Alaska, teaching and performing creative dance from 1977-2013. She is Project Director for
"Their Eyes Have Seen The Old Dances:" Exhibition Honoring Elder Hooper Bay Dancers and Drummers ( 1981-2001) with photographs by James Barker and text from field recordings collected by Patricia Bulitt.

A Parka For Memory: Youth Listening To Elders, 2000-2001, directed by Patricia Bulitt celebrated the exhibition in the Traditional Council Hall of Hooper Bay.

" I know no one else doing this kind of dance work which is cross cultural and interspecies in its intention. I respect her performance and knowledge very much,"
Poet, Gary Snyder.

THE GIFT EXCHANGE OF DANCE:  A CALIFORNIA DANCER'S EXCHANGE WITH THE ESKIMOS IN ALASKA ( 1977-2013) includes a slide show illuminating her experience in Hooper Bay, a village on the coast of the Bering Seal   Slides includie the ancient process of women preparing the gut of the seal for drying into parkas, contemporary Yupik Eskimo Dance, doll makers, and the intimacy of friendship with elder dancers and drummers in their long friendship celebrating dance as part of human culture.

Performed in US, Japan, Canada at such places at American Museum of Natural History, NY, Nara Women's University, Japan,  Rutgers University, New Jersey,Mills College, Oakland, CA, Festival of Masks, Los Angeles, CA, UCLA, Los Angeles, CA, Pomona College, Claremont, CA, Museum of Man, Ottawa, Canada,Victoria Museum, B.C, Kotzebue, Alaska,  Kivilina, Alaska, Hooper Bay, Alaska, Unalaska, Alaska, Bethel, Alaska, Kyoto Seika University, Kyoto, Japan

Photograph By Bonnie Kamin
 A Paper Dress of Apology For A Young Iraqi Girl
Patricia Bulitt
" A Paper Dress of Apology for a Young Iraqi Girl"
In performance wearing original paper dress by Patricia Bulitt

Photograph: Raymond Holdbert
From:  Performance at Noh Space, San Francisco, California
From: A Dance for Contemplation with a Black Bird
Watershed Poetry Festival,  UC Berkeley, " creek walk, "Berkeley, CA

This dance was reset in Joquin Miller Park, Oakland, CA
for Joquin Miller Park Day.
From:  Under The Wing

A dance honoring birds of America's oldest bird refuge at Lake Merritt, Oakland, California.
With original text, " A WOMAN WHO LIVES IN A HOUSE CALLED LISTENING," by Patricia Bulitt
Sung by David Worm and Sunshine Becker of SoVoSo vocal ensemble.

This dance began on the land, into a row boat, onto a floating platform and up a step stool, as birds flew around the dancer and her dance.

Honoring Lake Merritt's Birds, the project, included:
Exhibition:  Birds You Can Read, 11,
Larger than life sized sculpture with scripted text about each bird.

Interviews recorded and collected with visitors to the lake by Patricia Bulitt, included in the score for the performance at the lake.

" Young Naturalists" :  A series of storytelling/ dance movement workshops about the legendary birds, Helen and Hector, American White Pelicans.

Photograph by Michael Roseney