"We Need To Dance
           In Each Other Houses"

Patricia Bulitt

Interdisciplinary Artist
Teaching Artist

                                            Gift Exchange of Dance
July 20,2014
Time:  7:00-9:00PM
Private Home In Kensington, CA
Please contact:  creek.dancer@earthlink.net for information
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All contributions welcome

" We Need To Dance In Each Other's Houses"  began in 1986 when Patricia, speaking to a poet-friend, of her concern for world peace, said how we needed to dance in each other's houses! This began her way to share with communities outside of Alaska, her marvel for the way of life in northern communities, and to fund- raise for the exhibition, " Their Eyes Have Seen The Old Dances:"  Honoring Elder Hooper Bay Dancers and Drummers ( 1981-2001).
Gift Exchange of Dance: A California Dancer's Exchange with the Eskimos in Alaska
( 1977-2013), presents a slide show and performance informed by intercultural friendship through dance. The subsistence lifestyle, contemporary Yupik Eskimo Dance, skin sewing,  doll making, and the landscape without trees:  The tundra, come to life in this presentation illuminating the Yupik Eskmo village of Hooper Bay, on the coast of the Bering Sea. 

Patricia Bulitt, the first non-native dancer invited to Hooper Bay, as an Artist-in-the-Community in 1978, to teach and perform creative dance, found no TV, no phones in the homes, and a lively and warm welcome, which continued, nearly annually for 30 years-- All this comes to life in the house concert through lively performance and conversation.

As slide show communicates:

Dancers, Neva RIvers, (deceased in 2012,) and Patricia, learning the traditional dance from Neva in 1981, perform this stationary storytelling dance in photographs by James Barker, as testimony to the grace between dancers.

When performing the traditional Yup'ik dance, hearing Neva sing as recorded  accompaniment, Patricia gives this "gift exchange of dance," along with her original Mother of Mukluk Seal Mask Dance, dressed in a seal "gut" parka, as if to russle memory or dream from this dancer's life work in live performance inspired by Alaska.

SCHEDULE A HOUSE CONCERT!  Invite your friends and family to your living room!   Please Contact Patricia Bulitt, creek.dancer@earthlink.net

2014:  Currently, funds are needed to digitize the over 40 cassette tapes recorded by Patricia in Hooper Bay from 1981, and a collection of video tapes composing the first archive of "old dances" performed by elder dancer especially to Patricia's camera in 2000-2001.

House Concert:  2 hour presentation. Suitable for any sized living room because all the dances are stationary, storytelling dances. ( See Mother of Mukluk Seal Mask Dance in "dances" in this website, please)

Pictured:  Neva Rivers, 2009, Sewing dried seal "gut" intestine into parka.

Hooper Bay, Alaska

Photos:   Patricia Bulitt

House concert in Berkeley, California,  performing storytelling dance,  Mother of Mukluk Seal Mask Dance, wearing seal "gut" parka sewn by Neva Rivers, 1983, for this dance.
Patricia Bulitt, non-traditional storytelling dance, Mother of Mukluk Seal Mask Dance in house concert, 2013.
Mask by Francessca Borgotta, 1978.  Gloves embellished with sea shells by Patricia Bulitt, 1978.
Music for the dance:  Performer's breath through the chamber of the mask, russling of the parka, and tingle of sea shell.
Commission Original Dance Movement!
Commission Original Dance with imaginative storytelling, for your home inspired by your landscape, art work, or particular rooms in your home with an original one time event!

Kreeger Museum, Wasington, DC.


Once a private home, Patricia danced to the private collection of visual art such as for Ears of Wheat by Pablo Picasso.
Photo:  Maryann Sundown, Yupik Eskimo dancer,  with Patricia Bulitt at the Camai Dance Festival, 2009

Photo:  Eiko Otake
From: Dance for Ears of Wheat painting at the Kreeger Museum